Labuttanret Small Steel Inset Single Bowl Kitchen Sink (A11 mr):Labuttanret
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Small Steel Inset Single Bowl Kitchen Sink (A11 mr):Labuttanret

Grand Taps
Grand Taps Published in October 17, 2018, 10:34 am
 Small Steel Inset Single Bowl Kitchen Sink (A11 mr):Labuttanret

Small Steel Inset Single Bowl Kitchen Sink (A11 mr):Labuttanret

Price:£47.95+ Free shipping

Nobby Clarke
Nobby Clarke Reply to on 27 October 2017
It's a sink- it holds water, and I can wash stuff in it.
A product that does exactly what I wanted it to do, now that's progress.
haznic Reply to on 5 October 2013
I decided to get rid of my sink unit/draining board, and was looking for a small sink to fit into a 500 base unit. This was just what I needed. Stronger than I expected (somebody else reviewed it as flimsy, I think), but it's as strong as any other I have owned. Comes complete with clips, sealing strip and push pull type of plug. I would have liked a template, but I phoned the helpline and they advised me of cutting size - so it wasn't a big problem
Chris4614 Reply to on 1 April 2016
Great little sink, perfect for what I needed, which was installing in a small area. True, there is no template supplied, so I had to make one. taking great care with the clips so that none of them broke. Overall I'm very pleased with it.
Martin D.
Martin D. Reply to on 16 April 2018
The sink and waste fittings are fine but the spot welds on one of the four retaining lugs failed so I had to fix it back with a two-pack epoxy adhesive. The sink could also do with retainers at the corners as they tend to be a bit raised. I used a strong adhesive silicone sealant at the corners with a heavy weight on them for 24 hrs
Barrie Reply to on 7 January 2013
Bought this sink for a new utility room, but didn't want to spend much on the sink. This fits nicely inside a 500mm wide unit and is fairly easy to fit. Only downside is that one of the corners sat slightly higher than the others (only a millimeter), but it looked fine once I'd put the sealant around it. Would recommend to anybody looking for a small sink.
RoMO Reply to on 5 September 2014
We bought this for our boat. It arrived in super quick time - even though it was being delivered to France. The quality of the product is high and I would thoroughly recommend this product and supplier to anyone.
Allan B.
Allan B. Reply to on 5 June 2012
Good, solid unit, perfect for utility room or even a small kitchenette space. Very well priced, won't get much better for the money
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 27 May 2018
I havent fitted it yet but it looks great and small enough to go anywhere its going to be a perfect fit but a detail description of how to fix it would help a utter novice at diy xx
Yvonne Mary Brown
Yvonne Mary Brown Reply to on 14 May 2018
Really pleased .
Optimist Reply to on 14 September 2015
It works and looks good. However it was difficult to fit because the clips are too flimsy. I had to make my own.
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