Labuttanret Queenie Ke Women High Waist Drawstring Phone Back Pockets Sport Legging Yoga Pants Running Tights Size S Color Teal:Labuttanret
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Queenie Ke Women High Waist Drawstring Phone Back Pockets Sport Legging Yoga Pants Running Tights Size S Color Teal:Labuttanret

Queenie Ke
Queenie Ke Published in October 17, 2018, 10:51 am
 Queenie Ke Women High Waist Drawstring Phone Back Pockets Sport Legging Yoga Pants Running Tights Size S Color Teal:Labuttanret

Queenie Ke Women High Waist Drawstring Phone Back Pockets Sport Legging Yoga Pants Running Tights Size S Color Teal:Labuttanret

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sylvia Reply to on 24 February 2018
I bought these after reading about them being a good dupe for Alo pants.
Im a size 10, 5"7 and like to wear yoga clothes that feel tight and are high waist. So i got a size S. These feel so nice on, something similar to scuba pants only soft and obviously a lot more comfortable, theyre thick and really easy to move in.

HOWEVER! They are see through enough to know what colour undies youre wearing if at all, ive done home yoga in these in front of a mirror in natural light as a "bum check" before considering wearing these to class. Im sorry to say these will be worn at home for yoga or for regular days, not classes with other people. You can clearly see everything, if youre wearing undies and even the shape of your fandango (tmi but ladies will need to know this!) during deep stretch forward folds. Its a turn on for my fiance but id be mortified wearing these to class.

All in all they feel good, fit well and are comfortable but not for yoga class.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 3 April 2018
I'm probably a larger size 10 on my worst days. 5'9" tall, and anywhere between 52 and 60 kg depending on how much swelling I'm dealing with on the day. Good ol' oedema!

I ordered a few different styles in medium. They all easily reached my ankles, although the white grey space dye leggings had one leg longer than the other. The lighter colours are definitely see through. They all have a nice amount of give, and don't feel too tight on my sensitive, swollen limbs. The plain coloured material seems to be slightly thicker than the patterned. There is a very small amount of lightening of the fabric in all the darker styles when bending, but it's not noticeable unless you're under very bright, direct light (think a torch or studio lights for filming) so for every day wear, they should be fine. I wouldn't personally do yoga or lifting in them though. I should imagine going up a size would reduce this, but you're then looking at leggings that are loose against the skin and may fall down.

Overall, if you have realistic expectations, these leggings are great. If you size down, you're going to run into problems, and I'm not sure how some of the reviewers didn't. They're definitely not a dupe for the more expensive brands, despite what you may have seen in video reviews, but for an every day, relaxing leg covering, they do just fine.
C10B Reply to on 25 February 2018
Love these leggings! Fit amazing I would size down I am a size 8 and wear XS which is perfect. Gorgeous colours would definitely recommend
En Reply to on 14 July 2018
Worth it for a few reasons, despite having a few flaws I'll probably buy more in future.

-The length is plentiful, especially if you are tall, I'm about 6 foot and these are the first workout leggings I've ever had that don't end at an awkward point on my ankles. (although this might be annoying if you're petite)
-They stay in place, I've got a small waist combined with thick thighs (I usually wear a 8/10 tops and 12 bottoms) and because of their internal waistband, these don't need to be constantly pulled up during workouts.
-They wash well at 30.
-I feel my movement is very free when wearing them, they are not restrictive at all.

-Of the 4 pairs I've ordered, 1 arrived with a hole in it where the seams hadn't been sewn together properly, so be sure to do a thorough quality check before they pass their return window.
-After cycling in them, they've gone slightly bobbled.
-They aren't squat proof (in black). Basically they're fine, until you bend over.
-They attract a fair amount of lint.
Lina Blackbird
Lina Blackbird Reply to on 28 March 2018
~ seams are well made, survived a wash with trainers
~ tights are super stretchy if you want a tighter fit order a size down
~ good value for money but not better than Nike pro for running (I paid 10£ for mine. I wouldn't pay 30£ for some models/sizes)
~ reasonably warm for a man-made material
~ colour stays consistent over time
~ tights are true to size and are consistent with the measuring tape
~ the colour of the tights don't match the colour of the sports bra fully (light blue sports bra is slightly brighter than the tights)
~ the waist is very high up so if you don't like your tights sliding down buy a size smaller
J. Tucker
J. Tucker Reply to on 12 September 2017
I absolutely loved these leggings when they arrived and have worn them once a week very happily for 6 weeks. They look great, are actually long enough in the leg for me (I'm 33" inner seam) and very comfortable. However, having put them on for today's session, a massive split develop across one butt check making them unwearable. I'm so so disappointed and genuinely would have thought they'd last for at least 1 year. Such a shame when I was about to buy some more pairs! Seems like you should stick to trusted brands!!
Miss J. Tierney
Miss J. Tierney Reply to on 17 June 2018
I bought these leggings in black and 2 sizes up as I read in previous reviews that they feel a bit tight (also in hopes of limiting fabric stretch to maintain opacity).

The fabric of the leggings seems very nice - soft, comfortable and stretches well. Although, I would recommend going up a size.

However, I personally found that the material was completely see-through when squat testing (almost like wearing 'opaque' tights). I was really disappointed in this as I was really hoping I would love these but unfortunately I had to send them back as I wouldn't even feel comfortable wearing them as casual wear.
The Book Whisperer
The Book Whisperer Reply to on 17 August 2018
I loved the first pair I bought so much I ordered two more a couple of days later.

These are possibly the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever owned. Firstly, finally a pair that claim to be high waisted and actually are! I have a real problem with anything that sits on my belly button and that includes seams. I’ve tried getting high waisted before but finally have found some that really are just that.

The material is soft and comfortable and actually kind of flattering (feels like it holds you in) and easy to move around in.

I wear these for home wear as well as exercise as they are so fabulously comfortable.
Ginger93 Reply to on 15 June 2018
I bought these because I needed some cheap, long, gym leggings I didn't mind getting destroyed on a mud fun run. I'm so impressed with them! They are a really good material that isn't too warm, is really comfy, and they survived the run - and washed really well. I haven't worn them in wet weather so I can't comment on that, but they did provide adequate warmth against the wind. I find them pretty flattering too, because of the colour and marl effect, and high waist band. I bought a size S and am typically size 8 - 10. I'm also 5"11 and they are actually long enough! I do pull them up a bit around my knees so they have a bit of "give" when bending my knees, which usually results in the bottom of my ankle showing, but they are much longer in the leg than I expected! They don't fall down and aren't see through when squatting. I find the pocket useful but don't use often - usually for gym locker keys as my phone is too big to fit it although I did use a room key card while away and that fit nicely, and wasn't uncomfortable. I love these as much as my expensive, high end leggings. Will be purchasing more!
Someone:) Reply to on 20 February 2018
I’m 5’10 and usually wear a 10/12 in bottoms so I got a size medium and they fit so nicely! Even though im pretty tall the leggings were like an inch or two too long but nothing that bothers me! So if you’re shorter you may want to size down, the leggings are stretchy so should be okay! They’re snug but not tight, they form fitting and the high waistband is great as it hides the little muffin top. I don’t use the elasticated waistband but I love the pocket at the back I can put my gym card and locker keys in there! It’s discreet too, although I do look a bit funny shoving my hand down the back of the leggings to get something out haha! But these are my favourite leggings. I got them in space grey but will probably get them in black too.
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